Although calibration of instruments is our main activity, we also support organisations with engineering and instrumentation management. We also provide metering solutions including calibration philosophy. On site verification is also possible, using clamp-on flowmeters.


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Instrumentation management

Errakal can also administer the calibration of meters. Instrumentation management such as determining and monitoring re-calibration periods belongs to the expertise of Errakal. Also calibrations with natural gas or ethylene are possible under administration of Errakal. Errakal controls transportation, witnesses the "external" calibration and writes the reports. (Also think about a total package including calibration of pressure- and temperature devices.) Errakal can take care of the revision and/or repair of flow meters with an independent third party. (possible recalibration included)

Metering solutions

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On site metering

For this Errakal uses clamp-on meters of Flexim for liquids and gasses. This is only a verification service, not a calibration service.


Due to the wide range of possibilities in different flow conditions at the flow facilities the Errakal location is ideal for research projects, as testing new fabrics and prototypes. Think for instance about the influence of process configuration before the equipment under test, etc.

It is also possible to use the various calibration / test rigs for research on valves and filters.

The installations can be hired on day rate including a calibration specialist.

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